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% change
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Sydney Dam Levels

Sydney water usage

SUMMARY: Effect of reduced usage our dam levels.
Changes in usage of Sydney dam water due to water restrictions, water saving techniques such as rainwater tanks, grey water usage, etcetera all have an impact on our dam levels. On this page we discus what savings have been made, and look at what effects would have been achieved on our dam levels with different levels of water saving.

What effect would a change in our water usage have on dam levels?

We have analysed the data from the SCA on water usage and dam inflows in Sydney's dam and come up with the following analysis. We have considered several alternate water usage scenarios. i.e. What would our dam levels be if our usage had been 20% (or 50%) less than what it has been (since 2001). Such a drop (20%) in usage could be achieved through water efficient devices and rainwater tanks. A drop of 50% would require more drastic changes in water usage.

Hypothetical usage since 11.2001Available water% full all dams1 year change GL(%)
20% More 1430.655.41 501.24 (19.41)
As is 2500.5 96.85 583.00 (22.58)
20% Less 2551.898.84 -20.38 (-0.79)
50% Less 2553.298.89 -28.03 (-1.09)

Of course if such a drop in water usage had occurred in 1998 when the dams last filled, the difference would be more dramatic.

What has been saved so far?
The NSW government has stated that the water restrictions so far have saved 12% on water usage. So, without these savings, the current dam levels would be similar to the "20% more usage" levels as seen above. You can see the slight change in usage levels in the fact that the usage is dropping on the following graph (smoothed out on a 1 year rolling average).

Overall, however, inflows have been considerably less than usage, despite this drop. In order to level out our dam levels a much more significant drop in usage is required. You can see this from the hypothetical usage table above, but also from the following graph of cumulative usage and inflow. The graph shows the total amount of inflow to our dams since 2001 verses the total amount of usage since 2001. The reduction in usage can be seen in the fact that the usage graph (now) isn't as steep as what it was. In order to get dam levels back up to 80%, the two lines must meet again!

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