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Current Dam levels
% full 96.85
% change
Dams empty date (from 1-year differential)never
Sydney Dam Levels

Analysis of Wingecarribee Dam Levels with graphs, and the Sydney Water Crisis (and rainwater tanks).

What is happening now to the water levels at Wingecarribee Dam? Wingecarribee Dam is an important water source for Sydney Water and the Sydney Catchment Authority. Also please see our pages with extensive analysis of the entire Sydney catchment system of dams. What are the latest stats and graphs? How much rainwater has recently come in? What good would a desalination plant do? How much good would a rainwater tank do? These figures are updated whenever the Sydney Catchment Authority releases their new figures each week. Last update: 2012-04-26 . Notes about this page.

What do these graphs show?
What is the history of the water level in Wingecarribee Dam?

This graphs shows how full (in percentage terms) Wingecarribee Dam has been since November 2001.

In particular, for the last month or so...

This graph shows the net inflow (inflow minus usage) for Wingecarribee Dam since November 2001.

and a little more smooth...

We also have these graphs as percentages of the capacity of Wingecarribee Dam ... to get some idea of just how volatile the flows and levels can be

To put the size of this dam in perspective, we give the history of the Wingecarribeedam level as a percentage of the full sydney dam system:

For more extensive and interesting analysis, please see our page on: Extensive analysis of Sydney's Dam levels

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