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Tips and Guides for Sydneysiders and visitors to Sydney, NSW, Australia

I live in Sydney .com is a website for people in Sydney. This site is dedicated to spreading knowledge in tips that some Sydneysiders know and other don't. Note that much of this documentation is currently very out of date right now as my day job and kids are keeping me busy.

Sydney's Water: rainwater harvesting and use and Sydney water and Sydney's dams.

Water (rainwater) in Sydney

Sydney Current Dams Levels,

What are Sydney's current dam levels... what is the trend and what are all the stats? See the latest graphs and figures for the last week showing information from the Sydney Catchment Authority.
Current Dam levels
% full 96.85
% change

Sydney dam levels main page
This month dam level statisticsRainfall this week
Trends of Sydney dam levelsUsage and Inflow trends
Firefox Extension (SydDams)Interactive Catchment Map
Dam levels for individual damsSydney Desalination plant impact on dam levels
Reduced Usage impact on dam levelsHow to save water in Sydney
General Information on Warragamba and Sydney's other Dams
Home irrigation/watering systems in Sydney
Old location of Sydney dam levels page
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Rainwater Tanks in Sydney

Are rainwater tanks worthwhile economically or environmentally in Sydney? How much water will a rainwater tank collect? How much rain will it collect in a drought? What size of tank do I want and why? Do I need a pump... what is wrong with using an aquarium pump?

Water Saving Techniques: the Effective and the Ineffective

Other than rainwater tanks, what are other ways of saving water and how well do they work?

Tips on Building a New House in Sydney

There are so many things to consider when building a new home. One wrong decision can cost you a lot in time and money. These pages tell you how to keep a handle on the whole process, with information on choosing the best house to suit your needs, questions you must ask before spending any money on land, top tips on building a house and much more.

Sydney Golf Courses and Golf Clubs

A map of Sydney's golf courses, using Google maps backend. This page is a nice interactive map of Sydney's golf courses and golf clubs. It is designed to help you find golf courses within your price range that are near where you live. There are also reviews of many of Sydney's golf courses.